2020-2021 Holland FFA Chapter Activities


Fall Tractor Day

On November 13 we had our first annual Fall Tractor Day. Members in our chapter felt passionate, so they decided to ask the school board if there was a possibility. Thankfully the administration granted us permission. Members proudly drove their tractors to school showcasing the pride and support to all the farmers as harvest had just previously ended.

Fruit Sales

Our annual fruit sales took place in October to early November. Members went around the community and sold multiple different types of fruits and products in hope to raise funds for the Holland FFA Chapter. These funds will help provide for our banquet and trips that we are able to do. In total we raised over $51,000 due to the tremendous support that our community has and their awesome attitude towards FFA! Fruit arrived and began to be delivered on December 7th.

FFA Week

In honor of FFA week, we had dress up days and events for members of our school to participate in. We started the week off on Monday with Farmer Day. Tuesday was Blue and Gold/Official Dress Day and Wednesday was Career Day. On Thursday we had our annual Teacher's Breakfast. This gave us an opportunity to serve the teachers and staff. They were able to sit down and talk to us about what we do. Friday brought about Tractor Day. Staff and students had a fun time looking out and seeing all of the tractors in the parking lot representing agriculture.

Teacher's Breakfast

On Thursday we had our second annual Teacher's Breakfast. Students arrived at school early in the morning and prepared the food. It was a great opportunity for the teachers to see how much we appreciate them and the hard work that they do! Teachers and students also ate breakfast together; they were able to discuss things that we have been working on during the past school year.

Tractor Day

On Friday February 26 we had our annual Tractor Day. Students were given the opportunity to drive a tractor to school. Members met at the Hatchery for a breakfast followed by the lining up of the tractors. There were multiple flags hung up on and between the tractors to help show our American pride. Tractor day is always a fun day for the students and the community as it is a tradition that will hopefully continue on from generation to generation.



On March 29, 2021 we had our annual FFA Banquet. Family and friends from our community were invited to come watch us perform our opening ceremonies and thank them for the support they provided. We handed out multiple awards including: Greenhand, Chapter, Honorary Farmer, Star Chapter, Star Greenhand, and recognization of the Iowa Degree recipients. This current year's officers retired with the recognition of next years. We are excited to see what our 2021-2022 officer team brings!

Tree Packing

On Tuesday April 13th, we had a majority of our officers go and help with the tree packing. Every single year Sioux County Conservation gives third graders the opportunity to receive free trees! Our group of officers helped unload, sort, and pack all of the trees. There was a total of 375 trees that were packed for third graders from various schools in Sioux County!