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2021-2022 Holland FFA Chapter Activities



State Officer Visit

The Holland FFA Chapter welcomed Iowa FFA State Officer Kiley Allan and District Officer Rachel Teunissen to a chapter visit on October 21. While at the high school, she led interactive workshops for the agriculture education classes. She also talked with the agricultural education instructor, Molly Cleveringa, about the future of the Holland FFA Chapter. During this time, the students engaged in team building activities and later discussed what they had learned from each activity. Thank you Kiley and Rachel for your time spent with the Holland FFA Chapter!


In October, thirteen of our FFA members journeyed out to Indianapolis, Indiana for National FFA Convention. Two of our FFA members, Charles Moeller and Maren Hettinga, played in the National job! Our chapter was very well represented along with Breckin Bomgaars received his American Degree. Members took time to attend conventions, tour the Indianapolis Zoo, go to a rodeo, and tour around Indianapolis. 


High-Five Friday

Our chapter had the opportunity to participate in High-Five Friday with the Orange City Elementary School. During this time, we had a couple members of our chapter drive their tractors to the elementary school. It was an awesome experience watching the younger students see tractors up close. For some students this was the first time they had seen a tractor. Their little eyes were full of bewilderment!

Fruit Sales

Our chapter completed our annual fruit sales during early December. Members went around the community selling fruit, cheese, and candies in order to raise funds for our chapter. We had a record year which will help provide us with more opportunities. Our fruit sales allow students to learn about communication skills. 


Teacher Breakfast

On Wednesday of FFA Week we had our annual Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. Students and staff have a great time together getting to know more about what goes in during FFA. This gives teachers the opportunity to come and see some of the things that we do in the shop. It always seems to amaze them to see the kids in their element. We also have the opportunity to show our teachers how much we appreciate everything they do. Staff enjoy watching the students spend time preparing and cooking the food for them. This years teacher breakfast turned out to be a major success!

FFA Week Tractor Day

On Friday March 4 our chapter had our FFA Week Tractor Day. The original date was postponed due to weather. Students also had the opportunity to participate in High-Five Friday with our elementary kids. It was a fun time being able to welcome our students for the day. They always enjoy seeing new faces! The elementary students enjoyed getting to see tractors up close as many of them have never done this before. Members also were able to drive their tractors to school which is always an enjoyable time.


FFA Banquet 

On March 28 we had out annual FFA Banquet. Our banquet committee spent a lot of hard effort working towards putting it together. Many awards and prizes were given away this night. This year all seven senior years got together and made a good bye gift for Mrs. Cleveringa. Our next year officers were also announced as last years retired. Thank you all for a great year!

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