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2021-2022 Holland FFA Committees


Fruit Sales Committee

  • Maren Hettinga

  • Madison Hettinga

  • Brayden Meyer

  • Shyenne Zeutenhorst

  • Jayson Stammer

The Fruit Sales Committee decided on the prices, made a delivery schedule for everyone to follow, and confirmed with the vendors.

Trip Committee

  • Caylee Van Donkelaar

  • Kyle Hansen

  • Brady Van Gorp

  • Logan Feenstra

  • John Van Wyk

  • David Heemstra

  • Zach Rabe

  • Conner Oolman

The Trip Committee worked together as a team to plan our National Convention trip and State Convention. This committee helped book hotels, transportation, and solve any issues regarding our trips.

FFA Week Committee

  • Katelyn Plendl

  • Charlie Moellers

  • Tayon Groendyke

  • Ciana Van Donkelaar

The FFA Week Committee came together as a team and planned our FFA Week activities. They focused on dress-up days, tractor days, and teachers' breakfast. 

Banquet Committee

  • Sydney Zeutenhorst

  • Makya Harding

  • Makenna Hofmeyer

  • Avery Van Donkelaar

  • Kelsey Oolman

  • Ashlyn Aberson

  • McKenna Cleveringa

The Banquet Committee spent their time booking the cater, deciding what the meal would be, and printing and designing the invites and tickets.

Ag Day Committee

  • Emily Haack

  • Allison Probst

  • Addy Leusink

  • Eden Koedam

  • Brady Van Gorp

  • Darian Heronemus

  • Matthew Probst

The Ag Day Committee came together to come up with a new idea. They decided to create an Ag Day to incorporate agriculture into our elementary kids. This committee has been focusing on a timeline and ideas.

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